What to do When Leaders Implode

Written by Jessica Kent

In late June, Republican nominee Donald Trump fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, in efforts to conduct a large strategic shift as they headed further into the presidential election. This took place just one month before Trump secured his nomination officially at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. There were concerns from campaign donors and even Trump’s children whether Lewandowski would be able to conduct a strong battle against Hilary Clinton. As expected, Trump’s decision was met with a lot of worry – was it the right  choice to fire someone who was so central to the campaign at such a crucial time? Had he made the correct decision, or was he making a big mistake?

Whether you whole-heartedly like your boss or not, everyone comes to rely on their superiors for guidance and support. They’re often the force behind of any company or business. If one day they were to be fired, this most likely directly disrupts your workflow and potentially performance in your job. Many people face an immediate panic if their superior is let go – hence the controversy surrounding Trump’s decision. The dismissal of someone who plays a crucial role in any organization will surely cause havoc before relief.

Companies can decide to change management for a number of reasons. One of which would be to change the direction the company is going in, and that starts at the top. To introduce a real difference in any organization, leaders must be evaluated, adapt to changes, or be released. When leaders are let go, the whole atmosphere of the company is shaken up and everyone is forced to adjust in some way. The existing leadership are required to comfort the remaining staff; provide a sense of stability. If done correctly, surviving the turnover can be a strengthening experience. If not, a cultural crisis can begin that is hard to come back from, not to mention high turnover and in some cases poor publicity.

There could be a great amount of work added to other employees to make up for the loss of a high positioned team member. When considering firing a leader, it’s important to reflect on company core values, the state and strength of the supporting workforce, and the measures that can be taken to protect morale and company culture.

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